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Romance of Light | The 6th eLicht Forum

Nov 17, 2021

The 6th eLicht Forum, a two-day event, came to a successful end on November 14, 2021 in Pullman Shanghai South.

The four themes of the eLicht Forum this year were Light + Everything, Human-centered Architecture, Visible and Invisible Urban Lighting and Experience-oriented Commercial Lighting. Experts and guests in these four fields gathered together at the forum to share their industry insights as well as their views on "Light".

At the forum, LTECH Sales Director Ms. Li Fangfang, gave a speech on the theme of Define New Dimming Standards to Promote Intelligent Lighting, who also carried out a discussion on this topic and shared the four major dimming standards LTECH defined with the guests and audience. LTECH T- PWM super deep dimming technology revolutionizes the way lights are dimmed in the industry, defining the new dimming standards as Flicker-free, Smooth, Accurate, Deep.

At the Hotel Lighting Sub-forum, the host Ms. Zhang Chenlu had a professional discussion with Ms. Li Fangfang, Ms. Xu Mei, Mr. Lin Jiliang, and Ms. Lin Yandan about the theme of "Human-centered Architecture".

LTECH Sales Director Ms. Li Fangfang shared her answers to some questions raised in the question section. She said that "advanced concepts, technology, and designs are the basis of future technological development. If something becomes a selling point, that means people surely need it and want it, which benefits people a lot. With no concepts, technology, and designs design provided, there is no supporting source. It is said that inspiration comes from life, while advanced technology comes from our thinking and explorations of life.

In addition, LTECH set up a display space at the forum this time with the theme of Define New Dimming Standards. Intelligent LED drivers, T-PWM super deep dimming products and new NFC series—digitized LED drivers were on display.

NFC series-fully digitized LED drivers made their debut at this forum. The new drivers use T-PWM super deep dimming technology that can generate flicker-free and smooth dimming , down to 0.01%. NFC LED drivers support output current settings by NFC or software programming, which replace the labor-intensive current setting method of traditional LED drivers, and reduce time and costs. The output current can be accurately set down to 1mA. In addition, the drivers enable quick current and parameter settings without powering on them. Users can switch the current level with just one tap.

During the forum, many customers were attracted to LTECH’s display area, having a consultation with us and experiencing the products as well.