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LTECH 2021 Annual Commendation Conference

Feb 19, 2022

To review the previous year’s work, commend the outstanding departments and individuals, and look forward to a better 2022, LTECH held 2021 Annual Commendation Conference at the headquarters on February 3, 2021.

Review of LTECH wonderful moments in 2021

  Focus on Customer Needs and Technology

The theme of the commendation conference this year is "Focus on Customer Needs and Technology". As we say that science and technology empower a nation, innovative technology is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Only when enterprises possess core technologies can they beat the competition and win the market. Only when enterprises focus on technology and continue to develop innovative technological products can they meet the customer needs and achieve long-term development.

In the previous year

We participated in more than 20 events across the country

Launched a lot of new products

Won a number of awards


We will continue to provide customer-centric services in 2022 and serve customers with high-quality products to embrace a better 2022.

( Signatures & photos at the main venue)

  Connected to branch venues

To actively respond to the call of government and reduce people gathering due to COVID-19 , the commendation conference this year was conducted in a way of combining online and offline meeting. About 11 branch venues were set up in marketing&sales office, R&D office, manufacturing office, quality department office respectively, and employees in each branch venue used video to participate in the annual conference.

( Branch venues)

  Commended outstanding individuals and set a model for employees

As the pandemic continued to spread in 2021, we worked together and forged ahead in unity. Under the guidance of the company's leaders in a scientific way, we minimized the impact of the pandemic and accomplished the goals made at the beginning of 2021. In the meantime, a large number of outstanding individuals and groups have also been cultivated.

(Unique trophies and red envelopes)

To increase the impact of model employees, LTECH commended individuals and groups that have made outstanding contributions and performance in various positions and aspects over the year. A total of 15 awards were granted, including the Strength Award, Outstanding Team Award, Outstanding Employee Award and so on. There are 76 individuals and groups in total received the awards. They are the role models in LTECH, motivating everyone to forge ahead.

Awarding moments

(The scenes at the Annual Commendation Conference)

At the beginning of the Chinese new year, let passion ignite our dreams and work hard to create brilliance! We believe that we can make it a wonderful 2022 with unremitting efforts.