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Embrace the Change Illuminate the future | LTECH 2019 wonderful Annual party broadcasting

Jan 21, 2019

Filling the cups with wine to welcome all the guests, dishes with delicacy to reward all the LTECH members! On January 14, 2019, the banquet hall of Pullman Hotel, a five-star hotel in zhuhai, was fully occupied by LTECH staff who are having the Company Annual Party “Embrace the Change, Illuminate the future 2019” together to ring the old year out and ring the new year in.


Entrance Signing


Elegant with Smiles, Handsome with Confidence

At 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, participants of the annual party began to arrive and sign in one after another, and enter the hall orderly under the guidance of Miss Etiquettes.


Leaders Addressing


Impassioned Opening Speech, The Power of the Leader

At the beginning of the Party, Mr. Lei Jianwen, chairman of LTECH, delivered a New Year congratulatory speech, expressed his thanks and wishes to all of his colleagues, and recalled the LTECH’s achievements in the past 18 years from enduring hardships to the current glories with deep feelings. “Although LTECH has now entered a higher platform, the times keeps changing, the market competition will be more and more fierce, we must embrace changes, keep innovating and reforming to be ‘stand out’, then can LTECH win and illuminate the future.”

LTECH Chairman Mr. Lei Jianwen is Addressing


Awarding Part


Every Effort Will be Cherished


Bounteous Feast


Propose A Toast at the Table of Friendship

Later, with the toasting of the leaders and staffs of all departments of LTECH, the dinner party began. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food together satisfiedly, and raised their glasses to cheer the New Year.


Wonderful Shows


Gifted Perfomers, Gorgeous Appearance

During the show, various wonderful shows such as singing, skits, dancing followed one by one, the unique performance brought by the versatile little brothers and sisters, received audience’s cheers and applause constantly. The scene just like a sea of joy, everyone’s passion is hot as fire, formed the most beautiful scenery.

《The Voice of LTECH》 by R&D Department

《Multiple Style》 by R&D Department

《Beloved Family》 by Sales Department


Fantastic Programmes Continue-up


Cheerful Games High-up, Surprised Awards Non-stop

Here comes the big part! The reason for the excitement of the gala dinner was, of course, nothing but the extremely interesting games and the lucky draw. First came the red envelope rain on We-chat APP, then came the LTECH Chinese New Year lucky draw with a winning rate up to 80%, the clingfilm game with endless laughter, the hot dancing time with passions as fire, all trying to pass the joy and blessing to more people. What’s more, with the belief of “Embrace the changes, Innovate and Reform”, the company this year added Special LTECH Koi Awards, they are “Late-exempted Gold MEDALS” and “Paid Holiday Rewards”.

The Red Envelop Rain Hi-up

2019, LTECH Lucky Koi is Exactly U~

Cling film Battle

“Jump-up” Game -- the ones who don’t listen to the music, should have thought the dancers are go crazy


Embrace the Change, Illuminate the Future


2020, Stepping Forward on the Shoulder of the past Elegant 18 years!

Let’s Bid Farewell to this Party and toast for the Future! LTECH 2019 Annual Party got a happy ending in the laughs of all. Looking back at 2018, LTECH insists on its core values -- "Appreciation, Endeavoring, Innovation and Win-win", Keeps its dream and culture "Distinctive", has delivered an excellent report sheet in the fierce market competition eventually. Looking forward to 2019, LTECH still needs to embrace the change, increase investment and carry out innovation and reform centering on customers, so can it achieve a win-win situation.

Lastly, LTECH wish everyone and family happiness and prosperity in the new year!