Hongkong cultural museum lighting project


What is history?History is a line, a track, something that actually happened, happening, and will happen from ancient times to the future.The significance of its existence is to enable people to summarize the past, enrich the future, take history as a mirror, and discuss the present through the past, which is of great benefit to us.And every one of us have been when I was a student teacher asked remember history, but the real historical imprint mark is not necessarily the textbook harangue, now let us into the history of the original but more to the protection of cultural relics and museum to show the world.

The HongKong culture museum , located in an international metropolis, is a comprehensive museum covering history, art and culture.The design of the museum is characterized by the traditional Chinese quadrangle layout and the combination of modern architectural techniques.The building is 5 storeys high with a total area of 28,500 square meters, including 12 exhibition halls.Apart from six regular and updated special exhibitions, the museum has six permanent exhibition halls which contribute to the introduction and preservation of cantonese opera, New Territories cultural history and Chinese culture.

For the Hong Kong Culture Museum, every piece of cultural relics in the museum is an important part of it, and nice lighting control can endow these cultural relics with fresh soul.There are so many kinds of cultural relics, excellent lighting condition can actually make precious exhibits sparkling, but for those cultural relics that cannot stand long periods of light, such as the painting, embroidery, painted pottery, 24-hour light point-blank cause pigment fades easily and the risk of damage. Secondly, apart from the need for lighting of beauty and preservation of cultural relics, another major standard of lighting of the Hong Kong cultural museum is to ensure stable and high-quality lighting effects.

Therefore,the Hong Kong Culture Museum has chosen LTECH 0-10v series LED dimmable drivers to create a new mode of lighting control for its "cultural relics".

Precision control: 0.1% depth free flicker

LTECH 0-10v series LED dimmable drivers can realize 0.1%-100% arbitrary brightness adjustment and meet the requirement of diversified light intensity in the museum.In addition, there is no stroboscopic dimming in depth, even if the exhibits need low brightness illumination, they cannot feel the stroboscopic flicker of the light, making the human eye feel more comfortable.

Compatibility: 0-10v / 1-10v automatic switching

LTECH 0-10V LED dimmable driver newley increased 0-10V, 1-10V automatic switching function, can automatically match 0 to 10V active and passive dimmers to realize the maximize dimming range, no need to add code editor,and no need to manually identify. Compatible with 0-10V and 1-10V dimmers on the market to greatly reduce the traditional procurement and debugging costs.In addition, the overtemperature protection function improves the security of the museum.When the dimmable driver temperature is too high, the brightness of the light will be reduced automatically. When the temperature returns to the normal level, the brightness of the light will reach 100%.

Cultural relics are the deposits of thousands of years of history, and the existence of museums is the best tribute to the history. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum pays attention to the control of the lighting intensity of the exhibits in the lighting and displays the profound Chinese culture to the world through LTECH high-quality product.Tell the traditional history by the light, let the audience deeply feel more real dialogue between the vision and the object.

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