WenZhou Landmark-Westin Hotel


November 28, 2018

Westin Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Marriott International Group

The new Westin Hotel in Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province

undoubtedly becomes a new local landmark.

Westin Hotel is committed to creating a new hotel experience

With excellent brand facilities and their unique brand concept

Nutritious, dreamy, fun

Active exercise, efficient work, comfortable body and mind

Six healthy elements

Which brings an extraordinary Westin vitality tour for guests

Ltech DALI, 0-10V and Triac three kinds of LED dimming drivers were chosen for its lighting control.

Let’s see together below~

Small tips about Marriott International Group

-Over 130 countries and regions around the world

- More than 6,500 hotels

- 30 leading hotel brands

- Marriott's international Customer loyalty program includes Marriott Rewards and SPG Club, including Ritz-Carlton Rewards

-Ltech Classic Hotel Cases for Marriott International Group: The St. Regis Zhuhai HotelShanghai W Hotel.

Hotel Lobby

When the guest arrives at the 78.5-meter-high hollow lobby

The senses are immediately awakened, and the ones that come into view are

The fresh and pleasant white tea aroma and unique green wall

Cleverly blending nature with architecture

The uniquely shaped rattan houses has already attracted people’s attention from its appearance.

Large-area LED strip design gives life to space

Create a feeling of breathing in the bustling city.

T-PWM deep digital dimming of Ltech LED dimmable drivers

Accurate digital dimming that won’t change the color rendering index

Which makes each light has its own area and limits

Bring the guests a sense of elegance and comfort

Hotel lobby activity area

The hotel has a total of 294 oversized deluxe rooms and 18 suites

All adopt intelligent management system

Intelligent central air conditioning, electric curtains, intelligent lighting control

Mainly clean and neat white with warm warm light

Light color and simple style

Build a pleasing visual space

Make guests feeling at home

Deluxe bed

Huan Xin double bed

Executive Suite

Huan new suite

Shower Room

Ltech LED dimming drivers can achieve less than 0.1% depth dimming,

Meet the diverse demands of light intensity in hotel.

Dividing the areas via elaborate adjustment of the lights,

Which makes the space more three-dimensional, and guests enjoy their feast.

Five Sen5es Chinese Elemental Restaurant

There are 10 meeting rooms in the hotel with a total area of 2,438 square meters.

The 1,300㎡ Grand Ballroom is the best choice for business success.

The banquet hall is mainly decorated with ceiling lights and supplemented by local spotlights.

The smooth and strobe-free lights create an elegant

and cutting-edge design visual effects

As a banquet hall, taking photos and photography is inevitable.

Make sure the lighting devices is completely non-flicker is essential.

The high-frequency exemption dimming effects makes our eyes more comfortable, and there’s no ripples even at taking photos.

Westin has always been the brand concept of "Let's Rise, Let’s wonderful"

The top lighting design of the pool can effectively control the light curtain reflection on water surface.

Ensure no visual interference and ensure a comfortable light environment

At the same time, a large number of light strips are used to create the lighting effect of "Only lighting without seeing the light".

Customers here can enjoy their sports cozily.

Ltech LED intelligent dimming drivers adopt T-PWM deep dimming technology

Accurate digital dimming does not change any color rendering index

No strobe, reaches the high frequency exemption level

100% compatible with various brands of dimmers and control systems in market,

Provide the most powerful choice for commercial lighting