Victoria’s Secret


Victoria’s secret’s first flagship store in Hong Kong is located in the heart of Causeway Bay Centre,Hong Kong. It covers an area of 4650 square meters and in total five floors.

The new store is decorated in classic Victoria’s secret Style,including spiral ladders,custom chandeliers and LED screens for the Victoria lingerie Show.

In particular, the iconic exterior wall of Victoria’s Secret,with a large number of bright LED lights,can be seen from a distance,very eye’s catching and lively. LTECH’s DMX/RDM decoder was hidden behind in such a special exterior wall, and presenting such a gorgeous light color.


LTECH DMX/RDM decoder and power supply all join into the standard RDM remote device management protocol, which supports DMX512 signal bidirectional communication. And it support to realize remote read/ write DMX address and other management function. The address can be easily changed after installation so as to reduce the complexity of secondary operation.

0-100% dimming range and delicate lighting dynamic effects make spatial light tone, saturation and brightness more precise adjustment.With the control of DMX decoder, Victoria's Secret exterior wall realizes a variety of lighting changes, earning eye for Victoria's Secret,full of fashion sense into the whole exterior wall , and can also be applied to the shaping needs of different themes.

In addition, the LTECH DMX/RDM decoder and driver adopt PWM digital dimming technology, no stroboscopic, and can be selected from 1-32 channel specifications. Provide XLR-3, XLR-5, RJ45, green terminal, various DMX signal interfaces, can control monochrome, CT, RGB, RGBW, RGBY, RGBA LED lamps, showing stable, high-quality dimming effect, attracting more people .