UFULL supermarket


Shopping is an indispensable part of our lives. With the improvement of living standard and the maturity of E-commerce, we are beginning to let more consumers and business pay attention to the shopping experience. Contrast with online shopping, in addition to the inherent "what you see is what you get" characteristics of offline consumption, how to design a shopping environment, focus on the casual crowd to focus on the goods to guide consumption, has become an important test.

Previously, LTECH has provided DMX overall dimming control solution nationwide for the Fresh Hema supermarket in more than 10 cities in Alibaba. Click on the link below to view the case:

Today, let's take a look at how UFULL, which the light luxury supermarket was just opened in August in Zunyi, Guizhou, is done.

As the first light luxury supermarket in Guizhou,UFULL has adopted to LTECH DMX series products, using DMX master controller,DMX decoder,signal amplifier for the overall control solution.Not only realize high-frequency exemption level output dimming,but also enable remote distance management for the supermarket lighting through unique RDM protocol technology.

What is high-frequency exemption level dimming?
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For example, the distribution of functional areas, the corridors that need to be separated by wall stickers and furnishings, instead of reducing the light to form dark areas, pointing out the walking track; while the central service desk and shelves form a bright area by combining lights to make customers follow the light to find the corresponding service in the first time.

Looking into the details, as the most important part of the supermarket shelves, there are a variety of high-end categories, but also need to correspond to different atmospheres, the food area, home appliances area, cosmetics area, different atmosphere lights is like the current popular AI photo. It automatically gives the product a layer of beauty, and also gives consumers a sense of freshness in shopping.

The supermarket also has a children's reading area, through the concentrating reading table and forming a dark area around, plus the high-frequency exemption level adjustment support from LTECH, so that children can see clearly, not hurting the eyes, it is easier to quietly check.

As an indispensable part of the shopping experience, lighting layout can distinguish between different occasions through different combinations of light and color in a limited space, which not only improves the space utilization rate, but also makes the transfer of these subconscious minds more likely to produce relaxation and comfort.

LTECH,as the leader of domestic DMX dimming,DMX series products are based on PWM digital dimming,which can control not only single color, CT, RGB, RGBY, RGBW, RGBA and other different LED light fixtures, achieving 0-100% range 0.1 % depth dimming, and through the unique RDM remote device management protocol, two-way communication, remote management of lighting, bringing convenience and innovation to engineering applications.