Uses delicate soft lighting to reflect modern luxury experiences


No any style is so popular all of a sudden

Housing is the feedback of people's emotions and thinking

As people increasingly need their housing improved and seek more comfort

Lighting design is no longer limited to beautiful light fixtures

But put more emphasis on creating a harmonious atmosphere between lighting and architecture


The light luxury style emerges

That uses delicate soft lighting to reflect luxury experiences

It creates ambient lighting by reflections and avoid the glare

The pattern of light that fixtures disperse enhances the sense of hierarchy and rhythm of the space

New Torch Light Showroom ( in Putian, Fujian Province, China)

Today, come with me to visit the new Torch Light Showroom in Putian, Fujian Province, China

——Light luxury style without main lights present——

In the showroom, LTECH intelligent dimmable LED drivers were applied

To enhance the hierarchy of lighting

Unleashing more possibilities between lighting and space


The foyer of a house is where first impressions are made.

Here,the foyer doesn’t be equipped with gorgeous crystal light nor brings very bright light

Architectural objects are flexibly put at the entrance

With the starry ceiling

Greatly ease your heavy mood affected by the building when you step into the entrance door

Dark light and shadow in the aisles unintentionally creates a visual impact of the space

The irregular and unique furnishings in the showroom under the lighting

Make the showroom look more beautiful


It is crucial to choose the right lighting for the space

So as to create better effects

The hall is a relatively active area

So the creation and diversity of scenes play a key role

Good dimming can be adjusted according to different light intensity at different times of day

And can create the right atmosphere that suits the moment

The hall lighting encompasses a combination of light belt, downlight and floor lamp

To enhance the comfortable atmosphere in many ways by dimming as well

A large area of hidden light strips extends the light to facade walls

Making the whole hall look more bright and elegant

The use of black personalized ultra-low chandelier, sofa and coffee table

Filling the corner with a artistic sense


The conference room in the showroom is designed with LED light belts and hollow shelves

To create the semi-open negotiation space

Vintage blackish green conference table and camel chairs

Plants on the table for refreshing the room

Quite artistic hollow shelves

Put people at ease under such a circumstance

This is the conference room

It is also a leisure area where you can open your heart and have a pleasant conversation

Conference room

The overall effects of showroom lighting

Apart from attributing it to good fixtures and powerful control systems

It also needs to work with quality dimmable LED drivers

Which deliver smooth,soft and continuous dimming

And enhance your visual comfort

LTECH intelligent dimmable 0-10VLED drivers are used by the new Torch Light Showroom

That realized the lighting effects and atmosphere of the whole showroom

Pictures of dimmable 0-10V LED drivers

LTECH intelligent dimmable 0-10V LED driver series

Apart from the depth dimming down to 0.01% with no flicker

It also uses the advanced digital circuit design

Built-in high-performance MCU, support 5 in 1 depth and flicker-free dimming

0-10V, 1-10V, 10VPWM, adjustable resistor and PUSH DIM

100% compatible with all kinds of dimmers and control systems in the market

A great alternative for intelligent lighting

Showroom project case

“Lighting on Sale Only” from SIKI Lighting Show