Reader's Stage


Reader's Stage

Speaking of The Reader, I'm sure you are familiar with it. It is completely different from the past variety shows of "entertainment first and fresh meat king". This program is like a stream of fresh water, making people feel comfortable after watching it. The Reader invites influential guests from all fields to combine personal growth, emotional experience, background stories, beautiful texts, and read the values behind the words with the most plain emotions. Emotions, the realization of the transmission of culture, inspiration, and education. So today, the author will explore with you everyone ----how important is the effect of lighting on the presentation of the show.

The Reader uses a theater-style design. On the whole, the stage structure adopts European architectural elements as the overall structure, and the stage performance area and the auditorium are seamlessly connected through the architectural elements, avoiding the relatively rigid feeling of the “theatrical” stage. Through flexible lighting, the stage is fully extended and more visually impactful, ensuring the integrity and consistency of the live effect.

Stage-theatrical design of Reader

According to the content requirements of the program, the stage space is divided into two areas: the central stage and the interview room.The two areas are related to each other in the program content and echo inside and outside. In the lighting of the dance stage, the shape and color are similar to each other, playing an echo effect.

Interviewing room

Center stage

Because the central stage area carries the main content form of the program, the shaping of the character image has become the top priority of the lighting. In order to better control and control different lighting changes, the organizer used LTECH DMX decoder in lighting engineering - using advanced decoding technology to convert the internationally popular DMX512 standard digital control signal into constant current/constant voltage PWM signal SPI (TTL) digital signal to drive the LED, so that a variety of signals can be converted into each other at the concert, and can be controlled simultaneously through a DMX512 digital console, thus presenting a splendid and beautiful stage change effect, ensuring that each image of a character in different situations.

LTECH DMX decoder adopts PWM dimming technology, which can not only control single-color, dual-color, RGB, RGBW and other LED lamps in each channel, but also realize 0-100% dimming dynamic effect, bringing stable and high-quality dimming effect. The flexible operation of LTECH DMX decoder brings convenience to customers while giving the audience a wonderful feast of vision.

2018 was the 17th year of LTECH, the leading brand of LED intelligent controller. LTECH’s innovative products have been applied all over the world, and have won recognition and praise for providing quality products and solutions for a number of variety shows.

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