Beijing Huairou Wanda Plaza


Shopping center is a place of marketing everywhere, and every view you see is a need to convert popularity into sales. LHJ Share with you today, Beijing huairou Wanda Plaza lighting project, a very known how to do marketing shopping mall, it through internal space lighting mark the customer came in and have a kind of enlightened feeling, to stimulate customers in the store shopping, leisure, desire.

Beijing Huairou Wanda Plaza opened on 29th, Dec, which is the first commercial complex with shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering and office.

LTECH as Intelligent lighting leader, products have been applied to all over the world, for famous landmarks, theme park, star hotels, office buildings, senior shopping malls such as tens of thousands of Chinese large lighting project provides a number of products and solutions. In Beijing Huairou Wanda Plaza provides comprehensive lighting solutions, LTECH Beijing office colleagues field to provide customers with consideate service, according to the user, for project matching LTSA512 DMX programmable master, DMX decoder and other products, scene to produce beautiful lighting effects, make customer very satisfied.

Entered Beijing Huairou Wanda Plaza, the first thing came to mind is atrium, as focal point of shopping center, good lighting besides the line of sight guidance, rest, show the virtual function, such as, performance is also an important part of space index, enables shoppers know itself position in space.

Beijing Huirou Wanda square instead of dull market space lighting, according to dynamic walking of lift line, realize corridor through LED RGB color changing light with a variety of lighting effect changes, also with hidden lamp chamfer draws outline of atrium, added visual pleasure for customers.

At the top of atrium, “dragon” shaped auxiliary lighting area is created to create a rich and vivid atrium space, which can be applied to demand of different festive dynamic lighting effects. In order to create more commercial value, shopping mall can satisfy people’s visual enjoyment while enhancing recognition degree of shopping mall.

In this project, Beijing Huairou Wanda Plaza applies LTECH LTSA512 DMX programmable master control and DMX decoder for lighting control. DMX decoder can realize multi-area light and centralized control, low brightness and no strobe lighting effect to meet lighting needs of key lighting or local lighting. In addition, through the powerful computer programming software, can realize the user arbitrary or cool or romantic tone light effect. Make lamplight rich space level at the same time, can also play division space area, highlight the space key display effect.

LTECH RDM/DMX constant pressure decoder is added to standard RDM remote device management protocol, with supports DMX 512 signal two-way communication, which can realize remote reading/writing DMX address and other management functions. Provide XLR-3, RJ45, green terminal three DMX signal interface selection, can control monochrome, double color, RGB, RGBW LED lamps. 0-100% dimming and variety effects bring healthy and comfortable shopping environment to customers.

Light gives building spirit, and light gives environment a different atmosphere. LTECH committed to providing first-class products and best solutions and LTECH committed to creating most personalized lighting environment for each project and helping customers to improve their project value.