Hangfeng Garden hotel


In southern of Shaanxi province, there is a long history, picturesque small town-Hanzhong, where the north of Qinling, south of Ba Shan, is the Yangtze River's first major tributary of the Han River source. During the Chu and Han dynasties, Hangozulio once made the birthplace of Hanzhong, and created the Han Dynasty, which was hailed as the "birthplace of Han culture". In January 2019, the first five-star Garden Hotel in Hanzhong, the Tian Han Jing Yi Hotel, opened in this grand opening, becoming a new urban landmark in Hanzhong.

Han Jing Yi Hotel mix Chinese style architectural complex with local humanistic feelings, attached to the garden landscape layout of the Han River, the building around the natural ecological environment, the day green trees whirling, bamboo shadow swaying, birds and flowers, the hotel is full of courtyard, Rotary is the beautiful scenery, the night with the overall lighting design and modern expression techniques, Antique, vividly depicts the quiet and elegant, refreshing elegance of the oriental cultural interest, let people seem to be in the Han Dynasty.

Step into the main building lobby, the hall around the glass transparent, large area of the use of natural light, plus intelligent dimming effect so that the space of the light evenly soft, the lake scenery to unfolds, column posture towering. Glass bamboo leaf slices from the sky and the bamboo plexus image structure of the artistic theme of the background. Lobby corridor fashion works of art, all highlight the space of the implicit, changeable, light and shadow rich gorgeous quality. In such a elegant and chic atmosphere, it is not willing to have a hint of noise to disturb, the transformation of the lights to do quietly change, natural switching.Therefore,it will high requirement for dimming system, where the dimming drive plays a key role, different products presented by the lighting quality is also a far cry.

Main building lobby

Comfort is the ace of Tian Han Jing Yi. From the lighting and decoration details of the rooms, it is all about the humanity. The soft strip light is distributed on the side of the dark trough of the ceiling, and is matched with the spotlight illumination, and the lamp is not visible. The gorgeous low-key carpets, the unique lighting and the freehand paintings give the room a vivid expression under the low-light warm light, making the space culture breathable, steady but fresh, and artistically beautiful.

Lobby Rest Area of Main Building

Guest Room

In addition to more than 100 uniquely designed luxury rooms, the hotel also has a Chinese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a full-time restaurant to meet the diverse needs of customers. Although they are very different, the requirements for lighting are in fact consistent. By dividing the area with the fine adjustment of the light, the atmosphere is not publicized, the restrained and full of artistic conception, the details are exquisite and varied.

Chinese Restaurant

Olive Italian Restaurant

All day dining

The largest ballroom in the main building, art chandeliers inspired by the rain bamboo leaves across dewdrops. The Crystal beads in series to form the shape of bamboo leaves, inspiration and flexible use, in the promotion of the entire space of the heritage of culture at the same time, there is a poetic and emotional. Lighting on the blue carpet, as if the rain fell into the lake, a layer of ripples, the lake fell a little deciduous, let people immerse in it, enjoy every moment, give people warmth and happiness. As a banquet hall, taking photos and photography is inevitable, and high-frequency exemptions make the eye more comfortable, even if you shoot all kinds of beautiful photos will not produce ripples.

Banquet Hall

The reception room of the VIP lounge in the relatively empty space to fully use mirror glass or crystal chandelier and light to produce reflection, sufficient not dazzling light to make the space full up, and then with the landscape lacquer painting as the main background, so that the whole space momentum without losing calm and quiet.

Banquet Hall

Triac series dimming drivers were used by the Han Jing Yi Hotel,and those series drivers was unanimously recognized and affirmed by industry experts and customers, and won the "Ten Technology Award" of the 2018 Aladdin Divine Lamp Award (see here for details). Its built-in "artificial Intelligence" algorithm, with complete self-analysis learning ability, automatic calibration adjustment hardware parameter threshold, corresponding to each Triac dimmer automatically generate a reasonable set of dimming procedures so the compatibility is high, dimming precision effect is close to the extreme, to achieve the true sense of "intelligent" dimming.

All along, LTECH has participated in many bidding projects for museums, hotels, commercial buildings and public buildings. With the original T-PWM ultra-deep dimming technology, the maximum dimming depth is less than 0.01% and it is comfortable with different needs and scene atmosphere and light environment. In addition, the power strobe detection reaches the exemption assessment level, providing customers with a healthy and non-hazardous lighting environment, and solving the common color difference problem of the general dimming method, ensuring the best color rendering index of the lamps, thereby improving the value of the lamps, the overall effect, and improving Customer satisfaction and engineering winning rate.

LTECH has deep cooperation with many domestic and foreign lighting brands, engineering companies and distribution agents. There are countless successful cases. It’s believed that in the future, LTECH will have more products selected, recognized and loved by users.