LTECH Human Centric Lighting for All Athletes in the Winter Olympic Village


As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are underway and the athletes from all over the world has arrived in the Winter Olympic Village, the Olympic Village becomes famous at once for all “black technologies” used.

The Winter Olympic Village is an accommodation center built for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, which provides accommodation, catering, medical and other security services for athletes and team officials from all over the world during the games. LTECH works with LifeSmart to provide Human Centric Lighting for all athletes in the Winter Olympic Village.

The Beijing Winter Olympic Village is located in the south of the Beijing National Stadium(also known as the Bird’s Nest) with a total construction area of about 330,000 square meters. Based on the people-oriented philosophy, the environment the athletes live in requires close attention, which must provide air, light, water, noise and thermal comfort for occupants. Therefore, we serve to provide a healthier environment and better facilities through whole house intelligence.

The Beijing Winter Olympic Village has 20 apartment buildings, 18 of which are used during the Winter Olympic Games, with 2234 guest rooms. LifeSmart is the designated smart home supplier of Beijing Winter Olympic Village and its smart home system is applied in all guest rooms. LTECH intelligent LED drivers were used to work with the LifeSmart smart home system to control all lights in guest rooms. Lights brighten gradually and smoothly to create circadian lighting that supports human health by minimizing the effect of electric light on the human circadian rhythm. Adhering to the concept of running the Olympic Games in a green environment, Beijing Winter Olympic Village has been completed in basis of the WELL Gold Certification Standard for’ Healthy Buildings.

The smart lighting in the Winter Olympic Village is designed to make changes in brightness and color temperature according to the intensity of outdoor light. It can also imitate natural light that follows the human circadian rhythm.

Based on the pioneering T-PWM super depth dimming technology, LTECH intelligent LED drivers are used to deliver flicker-free lighting and dim lights down to 0.01%. According to different needs of human at specific times of days, different combinations of color temperature and illuminance can be provided. What’s more, lights imitate the sunrise and sunset to regulate the intensity of and CT of light, which enhances the athletes’ visual comfort and helps bring a more comfortable and warm home experience.

LTECH works with LifeSmart to support Winter Olympics with advanced technologies, and create a unique smart life for all athletes during the Olympic Winter Games.