LTECH Zhongshan Experience Store


Lighting is a very important aspect in commercial space, which helps create the ambiance of the space and transform into art. Since 2001, LTECH has focused on intelligent LED control technology. Based on solving commercial lighting and satisfying user needs in the market, LTECH provides customers with one-stop lighting solutions. Next, let’s follow me to explore LTECH Zhongshan Experience Store and experience the unique smart lighting effects, being newly unveiled on October 8.

LTECH Zhongshan Experience Store

The First Floor

The new LTECH Zhongshan Experience Store, opened by the Zhongshan distributor, is located in International Lighting Fittings City- Ruifeng in Guzhen town. On the first floor of the store, there are various types of products are on display, such as 0-10V,DALI, DMX, Phase-cut, wireless LED driver, DMX decoder, touch panel, L-BUS lighting control system and MS Commercial Lighting Showroom Demonstration System.

The first floor of LTECH Zhongshan Experience Store

The Second Floor

On the second floor, MS Commercial Lighting Showroom Demonstration System is applied to control on-site lighting changing effects, presenting multiple commercial lighting solutions to customers.

MS Commercial Lighting Showroom Demonstration System.

Video collection of lighting effects in LTECH Zhongshan Experience Store

MS Commercial Lighting Showroom Demonstration System

MS Commercial Lighting Showroom Demonstration System is controlled by MS Panel, which can work with 300 kinds of driver accessories freely, such as LTECH DMX controller, decoder, dimmable driver. It supports up to 512 customized scenes and can be operated and controlled flexibly just by one panel or one mobile phone, which successfully solves the difficulty of multiple scenes and multiple demands in commercial space. It was born for light, loved and used by varied commercial space

Flexible control of multiple zones and groups

The great lighting effect that displays not only attribute to superior lights and powerful control system, but also the high-quality dimmable drivers and decoders it works with. LTECH DMX dimmable driver ensures a smooth and delicate dimming process, which provides healthy and comfortable lighting environments for commercial space, making you feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

Lighting effects of the creative art wall lamp

Lighting effects of the creative art wall lamp

Chasing lighting effects

CT changing effects

LTECH DMX decoders are able to control DIM, CT, RGB、RGBW、RGBWY for each channel ,which accurately display 0-100% dimming range and various changing effects that make space changeable and interesting.

Colorful dynamic chasing effects for streaming

Lighting effects for 4 seasons on the 2nd floor

Dynamic effects of colourful light film

The colourful light film also moved to the experience store which is the most popular in GILE. Welcome you to experience it if you miss it before.

In addition, MS Panel can achieve global remote control and support DMX/RF/Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh/Wi-Fi, which works with the module to support external dry contacts to control other dynamic scenes.(Please click here for more information);

MS Pane System Diagram

The mounted products were neatly displayed on the wall

The simple combinations of products also achieved great and attractive lighting effects, which greatly solve the difficulty of the commercial lighting.

More cases about MS Commercial Lighting Showroom Demonstration System (Pleas click the picture to access)

In the end, warmly welcome you to visit LTECH Zhongshan Experience Store.