Alibaba Future Hotel


On December 18, the FlyZoo Hotel, the first of alibaba's spent two years of preparation and gain much attention, officially opened in hangzhou.As the first hotel in the world that supports full scene face-brushing, all the services are completed by robots and online systems. You only need to bring a face to stay in the hotel and have fun. Without further, let's face it!

Hotel Outside view

Lobby without front desk

The biggest difference with the traditional hotel, the future hotel does not have the front desk, creating a sense of future technology, so that passengers have the feeling of walking into the spacecraft.The intelligent landscape wall in front of the lobby, such as a waterfall flying down, more butterfly dance, will change over time, will also interact with the guests.

Hotel corridor lamp by lighting design, offers both light and also played a visual effect and internal extension, used the LTECH DMX decoder, follow one's inclinations to control dynamic dimming effect, no stroboscopic light bar make the pictures more stereo feeling, make whole space dynamic, energetic and breath, science and technology feeling, let a person as if in the future.

Even more compelling is the robot Tmall.You can't underestimate him, it will use face recognition technology, detect you are about to check in as guests.Then complete a series of receptions to guide you through all the registration and service matters and lead you all the way to your room.To register, you can simply swipe your face on the self-service machine in the lobby or check in with your electronic id card on your phone.Subsequently, the user's personal information will cover the entire scene in the hotel.

Brush your face to “fight off monsters”

Play ali future hotel, you need a lot of places can be prosperous beauty.Not only can be checked in through the face brush to complete, access to the elevator, door, restaurant, gym, continue to brush the face on the line.In other words, we don't have to carry around that easily lost and easily forgotten room card anymore.Living in the FlyZoo Hotel like playing strange, all kinds of brush face "clearance" skills and other guests mining.

Ali future hotel takes "comfortable" as the label, and white as the main color in the interior. There are 290 rooms in total. The room design is very simple.At the same time, the dimming technology of LTECH 0-10v dimming driver brings stable and high quality dimming effect.

Smart gym

Different from the ordinary high-end hotel gym, the future hotel gym covers an area of 1000 square meters.In addition to the equipment available in professional gyms, there are also super yoga rooms and spinning classes.By scanning codes and connecting to the Internet, spinning can display exercise time, calories consumed and so on, and can also participate in virtual scene competitions on the big screen in front of the classroom, and play 3D competitive games with friends, so that aerobic exercise is no longer boring.

At the same time, the gym also opened up a field, the screen on the ground and in front of the big screen action corresponding, and have corresponding instructions.This space of the future serves as the role and identity of the personal trainer. The screen prompts in front of the students and on the ground can make the participants more referential and no longer worry about losing the rhythm.

The lighting in the gym is a harmonious transition from cold light, natural light and warm light, and the key lighting and auxiliary lighting complement each other. Besides, the lighting can be adjusted by LTECH products to reach the exemption level of high frequency without stroboflash in the whole process, so that you can have a place to take photos and share when you have a rest after exercise.

Black tech centre

The hotel has a total of 290 rooms, each room has Tmall elf butler on call at any time, control room temperature, lighting, curtains, televisions and other equipment, do not need to start only shout words, is simply "lazy" Gospel.

To the restaurant, do not use the room number, brush face into, serving is a robot waiter;If you forget your skin care products and move your finger, the robot butler can be delivered to the door.Lack of slippers, change the bed sheet, send clothes rack, all serve for you by intelligent robot.

Go to the lobby bar, where robot bartenders can make different kinds of alcohol and coffee.The future era in Hollywood blockbusters, the sense of perspective at hand.At the same time through the fine adjustment of lighting for regional division, so that the space has a three-dimensional sense.

Excellent hotel lighting design can give guests a relaxed and healthy lighting atmosphere, making them feel more comfortable.Hotel configuration is like a body, lighting control is the brain, then "dimming driver power supply" is the "heart" of the hotel.LTECH always commit to providing the market with high quality LED dimming driver power supply, intelligent control products, for the global choice of LTECH users to provide a comfortable, intelligent, healthy lighting environment.