HongKong Michelin Restautant


What you will think of when mention HK?

Is 8090 harbor star to wake up countless memories?

Or crazy shopping heaven?

For me,

HK is the light of Victoria harbour, it’s the song of Jacky cheung

It’s the tower of flag hill, it’s the night of Lan Kwai Fong;

It’s the nostalgic black glue of past time and the high cold distance of flashy world;

But the lingering HK foold is still lingering in my mind;

Whether it’s the popular curried fish eggs on street;

Or it’s restaurant where people live

Or the truly exquisite cantonese restaurant

In HK, you heard the name LanKwaiFong

It’s opening since in 2006

It’s have been supported and recognized by our client and peer

Won many world awards

Including China hotel star award "China’s best design boutique hotel"

The world tour "best boutique hotel in Asia"

It’s also the best tea restaurant in Asia

Or an exquisite Michelin star

Let’s take a look today

This restaurant is located on second floor of LanKwaiFong hotel

From dishes to interior design, the club is not the choice of luxurious surface

But everybody applauded

After 43 years in business, rich brother enjoys reputation of “hidden kitchen god”

He is an excellent cook who keeps essence of traditional cantonese cuisine

“Cooking with your heart is the most important thing”, he said of his journey to reach the stars

Except for these mouthwatering treats

Interior design and lighting of the hall, however, it’s like a kitchen god with a sense of indifference

There won’t be a beeling of tightness in a boutique restaurant here

It’s a feeling of freedom

Enter the door, a picture of “drinking he food and morals” on it

Original meaning of "drinking tonic food morality" is "drinking should be harmonious and eating should be moral"

That will let customers enjoy themselves after eating and drinking

Also don’t forget the grace of ancestors, thanksgiving ancestors

The lighting requirements of food environment are the same

Meet the driver led demands of light intensity in the store

In addition, there is no stroboscopic dimming technology of ray

Make human eye more comfortable, take a variety of beautiful photos will not produce ripple

The highest level of private room lighting design

It’s to divide each function area through lamplight illume

Lighting in dining area is set through a high lighting atmosphere

Make the dishes fresh and attractive

For leisure area, the shadow of dark tone in casual place rises up

Create a sense of space like a secret scene

LTECH 0-10V dimming driver T-PWM ultra-depth dimming technology power source

Precise digital dimming does not charnge his color index

Let every light have it’s own region and limit

It also make space lose it’s boundaries in dark but it expands

It’s more about being able to open up

To achieve customers through dinner contact feelings, communication daily purpose

And the light mottled on top of irregular corridor

Imprint of time

As we eat and drink

Collision of new HK style simple aesthetic charm

Combined with beautiful scenery outside the window

Interpretation of scene full of space narrative movement

LTECH 0-10V series dimming driver, except for 0.1% depth without stroboscopic dimming

And the most advanced digital circuit design

Built-in high-performance MCU supports 5 in 1 depth stroboscopic dimming:

0-10V, 1-10V, 10VPWM, adjustable resistance and PUSH dim

100% compatible with varous brands of dimmers and control systems on market

Provides the most powerful option for commercial lighting.

“light” with you, enough