Kimpton Hotel Made Its Debut in Europe


Kimpton Brand Promotional Video

Just imagine that, when you drag your suitcase and come into a hotel with your hair blown by the wind, one who welcome you is no longer the hotel receptionist with a formal dress. You may enter public space with a relaxed atmosphere. In the open and spacious hall, there exists a stylish and comfortable space for rest, which allows guests to feel free to talk with friendly and hospitable receptionists. Presently, this kind of boutique hotel without clear traditional hotel characters, is being a development trend among trendy hotels.


When speaking boutique hotels, we have to mention their originator—-Kimpton. As the world’s largest independent boutique hotel, Kimpton was founded in 1981 in San Francisco, UAS, and acquired by Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) in 2015. Today, we are going to introduce you Kimpton de Witt in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which is the first Kimpton hotel in Europe. Let’s see how extraordinary it is.


When you step into the hotel, the combination of terrazzo walls, blue and white glazed floor tiles and Nordic minimalist soft furnishings gives the hotel its own characteristics. For lighting, natural light is unified with intelligent interior lighting through the steel frame glass walls, distributing light evenly and softly, and making guests comfortable and relaxed.

Rest area

The rest area focuses on improving space experiences for customers. Natural elements are covered throughout the area that highlight the special vitality for the space. In such a unique atmosphere for rest, it definitely needs a gradual and smooth lighting transformation without any irritating hum or disturbance, which requires a demanding dimming system. And dimmable LED drivers play a key role in the system as lighting delivered by different products can make a huge difference.

Guest room

The hotel houses 274 guest rooms and offers two kinds of guest room structure that bring different experiences to the guests. Without a main light in the guest room, various exquisite lights are combined harmoniously, enabling comfortable and fresh Nordic style to be perfectly presented in this space.


Bar is a place that can elevate your mood most in the hotel. Kimpton de witt combines light color with accent lighting to match the gorgeous and comfortable velvet couches.

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This project applied LTECH DALI constant voltage LED drivers to achieve above perfect presentation.

Products applied in this project

LTECH DALI constant voltage LED driver is compatible with DALI and 0-10V output, which is convenient for construction and effectively save costs. It uses PWM digital dimming and its standard DALI logarithmic dimming curve achieves depth dimming from0.1%-100%, which meets the diversified needs of light intensity in different areas of the hotel and helps create the right atmosphere of boutique hotels, creating huge value for the project.