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News | Registration for LTECH Smart Lighting Academy

Apr 20, 2018

Since last week,article introduced "LTECH Smart Lighting Academy has officially launched!"

A large number of fans have come forward to consult and register on the public platform of LTECH.

In order to improve the efficiency of registration

Ltech made an "important" decision

Is self-registration!

Please click here"Registration for Smart Lighting Academy"You can register online.

LTECH Smart Lighting Academy

Design courses based on your needs

Industry Experts University scholars and professional teams gather

for teaching at the scene

Theoretical basis + actual research + actual operation

Make teaching joyful

From a little knowledge to a full harvest

From innovative ideas to practical experience.


There are more exciting content waiting for you to discover

LTECH Smart Lighting Academy appointed you!!

For more details, please contact sales person.

Or call +86 756 620 8823